Bad news from Dave

I have fought the good fight to recover from my accident in Aug. 2008 by undergoing 4 knee replacement attempts and 2 Spacer Bar inserts to my left leg. The sole reason why I have not been able to join you on the field of play and enjoy the camaraderie of being a Roller whilst enjoying a game of cricket.

I will be returning to Vincent Pallotti hospital this coming Thursday (16th Sept.) where the leg will be amputated on Friday morning.

According to the Amputee Clinic, I should be able to start walking on a prosthetic leg by about Dec. which will greatly improve my mobility, and who knows maybe managing one day to occupy the first slip position and the No. 11 batting spot.

If you are in the Pinelands area over the next few weeks drop in and say Hi.

In the meantime, enjoy the forthcoming season and I will follow your exploits on the Rollers website.

Cheers for now,



About West Coast Rollers

Founded in the early-90s, the West Coast Rollers is a social cricket side that has become so much more than that - we are a brotherhood that just happen to be quite good at cricket and even better at drinking.
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