Rollers Tour team Finalised

The team for the pre-season tour to Hopefield at the end of the month has been finalised.

We were stuck on 9 players for a while, and then we ended up with 12!! The good news is Cornell has managed to organise his work and thus will be terrorising the Hopefield boys.

George Kampher is the other one who came on board, with Brett Gradwell also making himself available late on. However, as George was first, he gets the spot.

So the touring squad is: Hannes E ©, Hannes C, Ryan, Neville, Nicky, Nico, Andrew, Bernard, Cornell, Jacques, George. Brendan Gardiner coming along as beer carrier.

Can those going please let us know asap whether they are bringing their better halves/whatever along so we can book accordingly?

I was also told that there is some musicfest on in Vlakvarkgat that weekend, so could be interesting …


About West Coast Rollers

Founded in the early-90s, the West Coast Rollers is a social cricket side that has become so much more than that - we are a brotherhood that just happen to be quite good at cricket and even better at drinking.
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