Haas steps down, Nev takes over

The Rollers will head into 2013 with a new captain after Hannes Engelbrecht decided to step down.

‘Haas’ has opted to further his studies and, as such, felt he wouldn’t be able to commit to the Rollers as much as he has.

Vice-captain Neville Cooper will take over the armband in the meantime, with the captain for 2013/14 to be voted for at the end-of-season awards.

As Dave Hillman says: ‘During your term of captaincy, the Rollers have performed well and the spirit of enthusiasm has been rekindled.

‘I understand that you need to ‘offload’ and reorganise your work & study commitments after all, this is a social cricket team.

‘Please make time to play whenever time permits as you are a Genuine Roller and an important part of the Brotherhood.’


About West Coast Rollers

Founded in the early-90s, the West Coast Rollers is a social cricket side that has become so much more than that - we are a brotherhood that just happen to be quite good at cricket and even better at drinking.
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