Rollers Bosberaad Notes


The Rollers started planning for the 2014/15 season with a ‘bosberaad’ at Neville Cooper’s pad on the West Coast, and the general outlook seems a positive one.

Among the issues discussed was a new captain, recruiting new players, the Golden Oldies, social events, new shirts and admin (the memory is a bit hazy … there may have been something else).


Hannes ‘Casper’ Carlson was the unanimous choice as new skipper. He’s one of the longest-serving members of the team, is almost always available and committed to enhancing the Rollers, and has the tactical understanding of the game to make a success of it. Congratulations, and good luck.

Recruiting new players:

Every Roller sees the value in getting more players involved, especially with the years rolling on and the muscles not working so lekker anymore. This is the state of affairs at the moment, and it proves we need some new faces. Rollers have been urged to try and get some mates involved.

Core (always available): Hannes Carlson, Ryan Cooper, Neville Cooper, Michael van Dewenter, George Kamfer, Jacques Laubscher, Andrew Young

Regulars (mostly available): Cornell Keulder, Jakes Oberholzer, Francois Siebrits

Part-timers (handful of games per season): Dewald Human, Hannes Moore, Bernie Nel, Stuart Bruce, Mark Haselau, Jacques Toerien

Unsure: Hannes Engebrecht, Louis Pretorius, Nicky Rheeder

Departed: Tim Sant (wants to spend more time hanging with Neil Watson, Tilley and Tilley’s mail-order-bride)

Golden Oldies:

Dave Hillman gave a breakdown of where we stand at the moment for the tournament in March next year. We have secured the Old Mutual field – one of our old stomping grounds with a lovely pitch and quick outfield. With that comes the bar facilities at a minimal price. We will need to do some fundraising for this, but more regular meetings will be held to further discuss this.

Social Events:

Something which we agreed on last season already, we need to get together more often. Dave has made Sgt Peppers available every third weekend of a month (I think; Dave, correct me if I’m wrong). We will also have a few more events at Neville’s place, and definitely more nets. George Kamfer has the keys for Milnerton, so we have facilities available. Some are suggesting this Saturday already – please let me know who can make it.

New shirts/caps:

For those at the end of season awards, we showed you some samples of playing/after match shirts, as well as caps. Everyone seemed to love the same ones, so we will speak to Stuart Bruce and get a final quote for everything. If I recall, playing shirts were R140 and caps were R80.


Neville Cooper has volunteered for the thankless task which is chasing people down for matches. Ryan Cooper will continue to do reports and the website, while Andrew Young will be in charge of social calendar. Ryan will also do the Bowls Day, in association with Hannes Engelbrecht and George Kamfer. Dave Hillman is the chairman (once and always), while Jacques Laubscher remains treasurer.


About West Coast Rollers

Founded in the early-90s, the West Coast Rollers is a social cricket side that has become so much more than that - we are a brotherhood that just happen to be quite good at cricket and even better at drinking.
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